Call me Enny.

I wouldn't consider myself a photographer I'd call myself a creative, and photography is one way I use to express my creativity.

The energy that comes with a wedding filled with love and emotion is my favorite, I love looking for the story, creating the story, and enhancing the story - wedding photography grants me access to an unlimited story in a gathering where the foundation of it is love.

I love watching and breaking down movies, if I could do it for a living apart from photography I would. Let me not get started on how much I enjoy anime cause we can discuss SO much about anime.


Photography to me is the best thing ever, almost like my third eye.

I'm drawn to photography and how this beautifully crafted man-made eye, manages to capture such precious moments.

I'm captivated by how you tell a story, how the story connects to the audience, how you reveal the story, I fell in love with. I enjoyed it a lot which brought me to this path.

We enjoy rollerblading together (Inlines), on a nice day, nothing beats shredding through city streets and exploring every corner, getting lost in the motion and the sound of music, we take out the camera gear and engage in some photography. These adventures allow us to challenge ourselves to sharpen our skills.

We also like venturing into the unknown- unknown food restaurants, trying out everything. We love being able to discover new things together. We enjoy hiking for the landscape to capture the beautiful scenery. Although we understand the importance of having some sort of distraction from work (we do have a few). Our passion for wedding photography tops it all. Being able to capture the enjoyment and pure emotions of so many individuals, who have all come together to enjoy the union of a couple is incomparable. The feeling of knowing we were able to aid the couple in keeping their memories of their big day is absolutely unmatched.

Why not click the contact me tab and tell us about you and your spouse and see how we can help you, also feel free to bond with us over an off the interest we mentioned were not a shy couple.


"We met at a wedding, believe it not. I saw she was vlogging the big day on her phone, where I swooped in and showed her the wonders of a professional camera, I saw she was fascinated and that's the moment our paths merged. from that day on every day was a photographer's field trip. it was amazing having someone besides me who could also see intricate beauty through the complex camera lens. "


"I was always curious about photography, the work of photographers has always piqued my interest. And when I met him, I was completely absorbed by his knowledge of photography (and his face!). As we spent so much time together, he continued to impress me with his extensive knowledge. Just as the bond between us grew, our fascination for photography expanded also."


"It was nice to have someone to share my world with someone who's accepted me and wants to be with me I cherish each and every moment with her and I want to create more."


"aww xxx"


"My future goal is to be more involved in her world as much as she's in mine."


"My future goal is to grow our world bigger."

Our photography experience in various situations such as low light situations to almost really bright harsh days we have learned a lot from these experiences and we offer them to you. We also like to create our own light situations that offer more creative lighting dynamics in our photographs. we try not to let the weather get in the way of the creative process and find a way around it.

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